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Improve Safety and Productivity


Distributor of explosion-proof electrical products (EEx-e/EEx-i/EEx-de) Crouse-Hinds by Eaton throughout Italy, suitable for installation in hazardous areas, where there are risks of explosion, e.g. in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical plants.

ATEX-certified electrical equipment

explosion-proof electrical equipment

Hazards in production plants in the chemical or petrochemical industry are a critical issue, where unwanted incidents such as fire, or poor maintenance raise safety concerns.


Each industry that operates in production sectors which face high risks must meet legally imposed safety criteria, and provide appropriate equipment to prevent possible accidents.


A key player in the supply of explosion-proof electrical materialis CEA of Novate Milanese, in the province of Milan, Italy – a leading distributor of quality products and an exclusive distributor of Crouse-Hinds by Eaton products.



Quality in explosion-proof equipment


In Italy, CEA is a top distributor of Crouse-Hinds by Eaton explosion-proof electrical products certified in accordance with ATEX regulations, which contains the European Commission directives regarding equipment intended for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion.


The company manufactures the following products:

  • EEx-e
  • EEx-i
  • EEx-de


This equipment is widely used in hazardous areas with a danger of explosions in the following sectors:


  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical.

Characteristics of explosion-proof equipment for industrial use

The explosion-proof electrical equipment is made of polyester reinforced with fibreglass or stainless steel.

These products facilitate illumination using different light sources:

 • incandescent lamps

• multiLED

• quartz

• PL energy-saving

• blended light

• sodium vapour

• mercury vapour


The company distributes products with certification compliant with the ATEX Directive for electrical constructions suitable for environments where gases or dusts are present, in Milan and its hinterland and throughout northern Italy.

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