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Distributor of explosion-proof electrical products (EEx-e/EEx-i/EEx-de) Crouse-Hinds by Eaton throughout Italy, suitable for installation in hazardous areas, where there are risks of explosion, e.g. in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical plants.

Explosion-proof level switch

Supply of ATEX certified switches throughout Italy

Among the products supplied by CEA, located in Novate Milanese, are explosion-proof switches that meet the highest safety standards required by international standards. They are also suitable for applications in other industrial sectors, including in areas considered at high risk of explosion.


Features of explosion-proof switches


The company in the province of Milan, a national distributor of products from the Crouse-Hinds by Eaton brand, offers different models of explosion-proof switches:


Encapsulated pressure

• Hermetically encapsulated

• Via intrinsically safe connections

• Pneumatic level regulators


Furthermore, the different models are designed for both horizontal and vertical installation and have protection against combustion.

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Intrinsically safe switches: Anti-corrosive resistant to flammable gases and liquids

Intrinsically safe switches distributed by CEA feature a metal casing approved by ATEX regulations and you can choose from a wide range of actuators.

They also stand out due to their high level of protection, making them ideal for use in extreme conditions, such as:

  • resistance to wear and weathering,
  • various stresses,
  • corrosion,
  • liquids and water vapour.


The wide range of explosion-proof accessories offered by the company based in the province of Milan includes other products such as safety sockets and plugs, distribution boxes and cable glands, all with explosion-proof features.

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