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Distributor of explosion-proof electrical products (EEx-e/EEx-i/EEx-de) Crouse-Hinds by Eaton throughout Italy, suitable for installation in hazardous areas, where there are risks of explosion, e.g. in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical plants.

Rechargeable and battery-powered portable lamps

explosion-proof flashlights and luminous safety signs

Explosion-proof portable lamps are used in an emergency or to carry out work or inspections inside tanks or in chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical plants where the atmosphere is potentially explosive.

As with all interior and exterior lighting elements, they must be made from flame-retardant materials and be resistant to high temperatures and corrosive agents. Portable flashlights must also have these characteristics.


CEA, a company based in Novate Milanese, supplies explosion-proof battery powered or rechargeable lamps. All items come with a practical shock-proof and scratch-resistant case and are made in accordance with international safety regulations.

Features of explosion-proof portable lamp

The company in the province of Milan, a national distributor of Crouse-Hinds by Eaton explosion-proof equipment, provides intrinsically safe inspection lamps for use in industrial environments (classified according to ATEX directives) able to ensure lasting and clear illumination, thanks also to the ray of light grouped centrally, or even scattered or chopped.

Based on the various models available, the product features include:


• • Integrated handle in the lamp body

• Sliding switch with magnet (also capable of stopping in the desired position in case of shocks)

• Shoulder strap and belt clip included

• Protective lens made from thermoplastic material


The rechargeable flashlight models also feature a special charging station, installable on the wall.

 The various portable lighting safety models have a different degree of protection depending on item and intended use: staff at the company in Milan are able to provide accurate advice when selecting the right product for every need.

CEA is a supplier of Eaton Portable Ex-Lamps in Novate, the area around Milan and northern Italy

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