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Distributor of explosion-proof electrical products (EEx-e/EEx-i/EEx-de) Crouse-Hinds by Eaton throughout Italy, suitable for installation in hazardous areas, where there are risks of explosion, e.g. in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical plants.

explosion-proof distribution boxes

Our explosion-proof distribution boxes are made of reinforced fibreglass and polyester: a particularly strong material, used in environments where electricity passes through possibly explosive areas.

Based in Novate Milanese in the province of Milan, CEA is a leading distributor of certified explosion-proof equipment from the Crouse-Hinds by Eaton brand, made according to international safety standards currently in force.


Connection boxes and accessories

One of the products sold by the company in Milan, are explosion-proof plastic boxes suitable for use in various industrial sectors and have:


• Moulded plastic joints

• Up to 6 terminals

• Easy installation


Fitting is particularly simple and intuitive thanks to the Ceag system. Our connection and junction boxes have a full range of accessories

Junction boxes for the petrochemical sector and pharmaceutical plants

You can also request junction boxes for hazardous areas: particularly shock-resistent containers, which have precut mounting holes and come fitted with closing plugs.


These boxes are made from polyester reinforced with fibreglass and are recommended for use in transporting electrical energy in places with high risks of explosion such as, in chemical and petrochemical plants.

We are at your disposal for any technical advice you might need on our products

CEA operates in Milan, Monza and the whole of Lombardy, as well as being an Italian retailer of ATEX explosion-proof and anti-corrosive accessories.

Our staff are available to provide personalised advice not only on the price of junction boxes and joints but also to explain the technical details of each product.


Please contact the office on

+39 02 38 202 121 or click this link.

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